Dennis J. Garvey

Vice President/President Elect
Joseph C.  Todoro, Esq.

J. Michael Hayes

Stephanie S. Gelber

Immediate Past President
Richard A. Nicotra

Past Presidents
Paul K. Isaac
Linda J. Marsh
Francis M. Letro
John P. Feroleto
Richard P. Amico
Richard S. Binko
Timothy G. O’Connell
Christopher J. O’Brien
Terrence P. Higgins
Michael C. Scinta
Stephen R. Foley
Marc C. Panepinto
J. Michael Hayes
Patrick J. Maloney

"The Western Regional Affiliate of NYSTLA, founded by Francis Letro, is the very
local arm of that Plaintiffs personal injury organization.
(From left to right) Timothy G. O’Connell,  J. Michael Hayes, Paul K. Isaac, Hon. Eugene F. Pigott, Jr. (Associated Judge Court of Appeals), Francis M. Letro,  Hon. Eugene M. Fahey (Associated Judge Court of Appeals), Linda J. Marsh, Michael P. McGorry, Patrick J. Maloney 


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